Google Image Meme

This little meme brought to you by, theemperialpomm. Google image-search your answers to the following and take the first postable image for each.

  • Place you grew up
  • Place you live now
  • Your school
  • Your work
  • Favourite food
  • Favourite drink
  • Favourite song
  • Favourite smell
  • Favourite shoes
  • Favourite movie
  • Favourite color
  • Favourite game
  • Favourite animal
  • Favourite mythological creature

And, since I have to be annoying:

  • Favorite random number generator

And this is going to be image happy, so we'll throw that behind the cut.

Where I grew up. Wow, this is completely non-remarkable:

Where I live now:

My school, probably the only place that really jump up as being a 'school' to me. Sadly a place with a crisis a few years back (teachers sleeping with students), so its became notable enough to show up on Wikipedia.

Where I work, yeah, its obscure:

Favorite Food, guess what search I did?

And related to my favorite drink:

Favorite song (of the week):

Favorite smell:

Favorite shoes:

Favorite movie:

Favorite color:

Favorite game:

Favorite animal:

And favorite mythical animal (bit blurry, but awesome cosplay):

And random number generator: