Up a Level
Disruptions for health and happiness

Just another tiny little short thing. As some of you know, I was impacted by the flood that took out large parts of Iowa. During those 50 days that I couldn't go home, I did a temporary change of address to forward my mail to the in-laws so I could get it; that way I didn't have to go to the post office every few days, on the opposite side of town when all the bridges were closed, just to check my mail. I picked a random date about three months in the future, I mean, how long could mail be disrupted?

And it worked. It worked beautifully.

The problem came at the end of last month. My license plate was about to expire, so I had Fluffy mail me the updated sticker (which was an adventure by itself). Should have been a nice neat thing. That was three weeks ago and, you guessed it, still no sticker.

I gave it a proper week before tracking it down, just in case the USPS was going slow. Problem one came up, my temporary change of address had expired, so my mail was no longer going to the in-laws. It was going to the post office. The post office would normally forward it to the temporary drop-box for my apartment complex, but I never set it up because I had it forwarding to the in-laws (and thought it was going another few weeks). Since I never set it up, they were automatically returning to sender which means Fluffy would get it back in a few days.

A week has passed since then. I'm two weeks into having expired plates, which makes me very nervous driving. I don't like breaking the law. The sticker hasn't shown up for Fluffy, or the in-laws which I resumed my forwarded mail. I'm about to get a second replacement sticker (part of the long story) because it apparently takes over two weeks for mail to go to Iowa, get bounced back, and returned.

Just in case I thought my troubles with the flood were over. :)

Oh, and according to the building manager, the apartment will be able to handle isn't own mail somewhere near the end of October or November.