Love(craft) of Temptation

This year, I've been having some seriously difficulty in staying focused on the writing side of things. The contests that produced Running Bomb and Lethe's Yarn are two examples. After Lethe's, I said I was going to focus on writing and resist doing another game contest this year.

According to this, then next game writing contest will be Lovecraft themed. Damn it, I was suppose to resist. But, its Lovecraft. And just hearing the theme gave me a wonderful idea for a game: Baby Squid God. With a tag line of "Insanity is Inherited."

I'm going to have serious difficulties focusing on writing in October if that ends up the official theme. It also means I better write lots in September since I might not be doing much in October.

There are some things I can resist, squid gods are not one of them. Baby squid gods are another one. I mean, it will have a pacifier and big puppy eyes (and tentacles).


... doomed.