Last night, I trashed my baby squid god and started over from scratch. I just couldn't get everything to line up and I realize that starting with the high detail 1/8th model is the wrong way to go. Two hours later, I had just about the entire low-poly model done, a basic armature working (which I'm going to redo later), and it in the range of 600 triangles (I'm aiming for 1000 maximum for this model). It isn't quite as incredible as the model in my head, but its fairly close to something usable which is more important.

I did realize something. Squids don't have eyelids or eyebrows and this is actually going to cause me some problems with expressing emotions. Furthermore, I'm using eyes from the vampire squid which are basically... just blue orbs. And the mouth is under the mantle, so it can't be used either. (Gave up on the tongue for now.) So, if I do any closeups of the figure, I'm going to have a big struggle to make it look lovable (which is what I'm hoping for). (As a side note, I'm having a bit of trouble the Klein baby bottle, so I might give up on that unless I can find a good model to steal.)

I also reorganized the categories on my blog. Since WordPress now has categories and tags, I moved the tags into the tag section and left the big categories behind. This means the tag cloud is a lot smaller and those on LiveJournal won't be able to see the tags, but it seems much cleaner to me.

I might start putting up my % complete bars again. This weekend, I need to put at least a few hours on story commissions, go to a family reunion, and write a story for scienceprincess. Do a bit on Scroll of the Lands. And work on the BSG of course. Ah, too many projects and obsessions, this I know.