Glorious Saber thoughts

Every day this weekend, I woke up thinking about my comic both past and future. I haven't finished the arc for Glorious Saber, but I'm still planning on doing it. Just waiting for when I get a bit of creative bandwidth going. But, that isn't right now. In fact, I can't finish Glorious Saber, Gray, or any other comic idea that bubble through my brain.

But, that doesn't stop my little brain monkey--that part of my brain that is always talking--from thinking about it. On Saturday, I wandered around ComicPress to see if that would work better than the one I rolled my own. It does, and looks like it would be perfect. But, it won't play well with my Wordpress blog. That means different user names, comments, and the like. This may not be a bad thing, since I use OpenID, but still.

All this was triggered by my class where I'm redoing my Moonfire Games website to be a bit more user-friendly and usable. The white on black is nice, but I want something a bit more boring but in-line with the majority of commerical sites. And, Glorious Saber is part of that site. I might move it to its own site, probably, just because I like that separation, but the fate of the comic is part of this site redesign.

I liked doing Glorious Saber, just as I like doing serials. Yeah, I'm not the greatest person in the world when it comes to consistency, but it is, well, fun. I just ran out of bandwidth to do it and when it came down to push and shove, the comic just got beaten down with my desire to be a writer and a game programmer. Recently, even the game programming has drifted away as I just focused on writing. Also, it's hard to create something when you compare yourself to the excellent Keychain of Creation Exalted web comic. Also the Freedom Stone, but that has also drifted into the fog of the rapidly changing Internet.

I also know to finish Glorious Saber, I need to put other things aside. I'm almost at the point where I'm not dropping everything to try doing one thing and I think I should stay at that point. Commissions are coming in, and frankly, getting paid to write is really, really nice.

Doesn't make it any easier when I want to work on it. I already have it planned out. I even know the visuals involved. But, I'll push it if I try and I like this not doing everything thing. It means I get to "relax" a bit more, which is a good thing.

... I think.

At the moment, I'm just not sure what to do. Migrate the pages, create a new site, or just let it disappear into Oblivion.