Not sure where to go

I've been working on this serial for a few months now. Hasn't been going very fast, but I'm steadily doing 2-5k words per week on it, posting about every other week. It's a nice little thing, I don't get paid, but I happen to enjoy the topic greatly and I love having people talking about it. Yeah, I'm an attention whore but I think most writers are. I love to have feedback, even if it is "no, don't kill him off!" or "could you..." And getting that for an entire week, every time you post, oh that is very addictive. And something that really makes me feel good.

But, two weeks ago, the site I've been posting this serial went down. And it hasn't come up. There are rumors of political fighting mixed in with some exploits, banning, and assholes in general so I question if it will ever come back. The main person in charge has been AWOL for about three weeks, but drifting for about four months now.

And that is frustrating. I'm want to finish this, but it gets harder when I'm working in the silence. Critters is great for feedback, but it takes 6-10 weeks to get an answer and you have to finish one before you can start the next. And that doesn't really work with a bi-weekly releases.

Doesn't help that writing stories like this is addictive in itself. Actually, writing is like a drug. I find myself wanting to go back to writing instead of doing productive things like homework or cleaning. Or sleeping.

EDIT: Oh, forgot to mention. I went to IHOP yesterday. Across from me was four teenage boys. They were waiting for about 10-15 minutes for their free pancakes. Ignoring one of their complaints that if they didn't pay for their water and pancakes, 10% tip really means they shouldn't have to tip, they didn't really attract my attention. Until they got their free starches. Literally, 30 seconds. Four of them were finished, standing up, and heading out before the waitress had walked away. I forgot what it was like to be skinny and 18.