The good and the bad
Weight Loss (6.4 of 14.7 kg)
Commission (700 of 15,000 words)

Been a rather interesting week of ups and downs. But, most of the downs, I'm not suppose to talk about because of various reason. They are things I can survive, but I can't honestly say the next three weeks are going to be pleasant at work and, to a smaller degree, at home.

But, there is positive news in there. I hit my one year anniversary work and got a cute paperweight for the efforts. It doesn't seem like much, but I really like working where I work and I want to keep on doing it.

My third college petition also got accepted this week. That gave me a wonderful surprise, I was worried about that and now I'm not. Only one more to go, then I'll have all the petitions out of the way. And class starts on Monday, hopefully the second to last class for my masters. Still can't decide on the entire doctorate thing. Since I can't figure it out, it probably means the answer won't really matter in my life. Which is probably true, a doctorate opens some doors and closes others.

All that has given me a bit of a creativity block. I didn't really want to work on anything really important. So, I just putzed around on the computer. I submitted a patch for KoLmafia for some features I happen to want. Nothing major, but something for my own curiosity. I also ascended again in the game which is always fun. Sticking with the Sauce class, mainly because I have a few more things I want to pick up, then probably wander over to Seal Clubber or Pastamancer. I should focus on getting the Olfactory skill, but... I keep getting distracted with ascending. It is fun and is a little sense of accomplishment.

The "MfGames.Tools" is a programming project. A small little library for creating command-line tools, MSBuild, Ant, and probably other things. I wouldn't be surprised if I also try to figure how to get it working with PowerShell, but it is one of those things on the dependency graph for the projects I want to work on.