Sitting without a date

Weight Loss (7.4 of 14.7 kg)
Commission (15,238 of 15,000 words)

Sitting in my living room, waiting for my date. I'm anxious to get going for GenCon though I'm pretty sure I forgot something along the way. Got the clothes and food pack. Just don't have a wife. She isn't packed and I'm pretty much out of things to do unless I get into the "hard to walk away from" list of things.

And my commission, but I'm avoiding that until next week.

I even distracted myself for three hours playing with KoLmafia so I can get some tedious stuff done while at GenCon (i.e. it will do my daily quests for me). It is cheesy, but I like the challenge of figuring out how to do it without abusing the server.

I'm excited, just anxious.