Getting up to speed

I miss my vacation already. I had to plan out the rest of my vacation days yesterday. I went with the one day every couple weeks which means I spammed my coworkers with seven vacation notices in one shot. Hopefully, won't be a problem, but I couldn't figure out a better way of doing it.

Worked a bit on college. Found out I only have two weeks of this class which means I need to get my petition out soon, so that's going to be my priority first thing this weekend. Or tomorrow, depending on energy levels. I need to get some stuff up at work.

Sadly, added 0.3 kg to my weight from this weekend. I made... poor decisions both before and after the weigh-in, which I'm not proud of. A moment of weakness, I know, but it gets so frustrating when I spend dozens of hours doing rather heavy activity to gain weight. I also suspect that any weight I did lose got negated by the liters of diet coke for the all-nighter drive home.

Helped a co-worker over a problem in his code. But, I'm having one of those at home, trying to figure out something that should be simple.

But, ended up working on My Father's Bike at the cabin. Not sure how it is going to work out, nor the exact tone of the story, but I noticed I stole an idea from Mark Henry. The footnotes idea, since it seems like an absolutely great way of having a sarcastic commentary to my writing. Still not sure, but I'm enjoying it right now.