Oile: Frustrations

Been a couple days since I sequestered myself in my little sewer home and spread out the thick sheaf of blueprints. Page after page of that beautiful writing. I flipped through a few pages until I found what looked like a good starting point, some sort of circular control system. It had hundreds of tiny copper pipes leading into it, but for the life of me, I couldn't figure out what it actually did.

So, best place to start.

Fortunately, I have some metal grinding and shaping tools at my home. And enough brass and copper to go around, so I just got started. Threw myself into finding the right shapes and grinding them down. I even added a few of my "personal" touches to the design including a little flair because 1) I like to do that, 2) I'm building it.

Remarkably, after three days, the "simple" little thing is still driving me nuts. I thought I got it down to only three assemblies left in the shell but when I found the pages on the first, it ended up being another ten pages worth of diagrams! With other reference points also.

I also realize, I was building this thing way too small. For all the beautiful work, the angles and lengths, the master diagrams didn't include any of them. But, when I buried myself down into the inner depths, I realize this thing should be in meters... like tens of meters across instead of the meter I built it.

I am not happy. Three days of work and I paid attention to the wrong bit. So, this morning, I spent the entire morning just trying to find the smallest component and worked my way up. Eight hours of solid working (and needing a microscope!) I actually got it assemblies.

It looks like a trilobyte, completely with tiny little feet. I made the eyes out of some sapphire flecks I found (it called for star sapphire, but what is beauty in this case). Tiny little veins act as conduits for the pressure. Just blowing on some of the openings causes the tiny little legs to tremble and clutch my finger.

It is absolutely amazing work for something only a few centimeters across. Whoever designed this... they are amazing. This blueprint is a true work of art, far and beyond what I've seen. I thought I was hot stuff, but just looking at this... I'm beginning to doubt if I'm anything than a glorified mechanic.