Oile: Okay, this is just wrong...

I just realized, there is something wrong with these blueprints. After working on them for a few weeks, I've managed to rebuild three sections of it. The first time, I thought I just skipped a section or two, but the second and third... I realize that these numbers aren't right. I mean, the lengths in section 2.3.434.23 are ten times larger than the ones in 2.3.434. I mean, 2.3.434 includes 23, but no matter how many times I built it, it simply won't work.

Plus there are parts missing. Entire sections are missing from these blueprints and I can't figure out where the inlets and outlets are coming from this device. I think I can make it work, but it simply doesn't do anything.

What is wrong with it? I mean, it is absolutely beautiful work but I'm getting this feeling that it is just that... art. It looks pretty but it doesn't work. It almost sickens me. I strive to build things that help people, and while my plans aren't "pretty" they are functional.

I take pride in that.

You know what? I think I'm going to sneak out and get buzzed tonight.