Beta reader feedback (1 of 3)

Got my first beta read copy back last night. It was an exciting event, mainly because it's a milestone on this project, but also because someone actually read Flight from end to end. And, more importantly, they didn't hate it. Actually, they said it was a good book with a satisfying ending.

Of my primary concern on length, their suggestion was to split it in half verses cutting too much. That is the second reader who's given that recommendation. I'm not just sure if I consider that a good choice, mainly because there isn't two arcs in the story and because I hate books that don't come to a climax at the end of the physical book.

I want to go traditionally published for this one (finally made that decision), so it means I need to slaughter the book and find out what scenes have to go. I think given the word count, I need to cut entire scenes to get it down to a more reasonable editable level. (sad writer is sad). One thing I considered is get a shortened version, then release the cut chapters as teasers?

I owe a friend a beta read on their novel this weekend, so it won't be happening until next weekend at the most. But, at least there is forward momentum.