Programming and writing debt

There are a lot of debts in the world, most of them aren't exactly great. However, the last few weeks, I've been dealing with programming and writing debt. Programming debt is all the Not Fun™ things that need to be done for open source projects. Things I've been avoiding but need to sit down and do. Like updating my website, documenting libraries, and spreading the little tentacles around in hopes that someone will find one of my projects interesting (Freshmeat, Oholo).

Documentation is really boring, but it also is very helpful. You see flaws in the organization of code when you document. It also helps you get ideas down on paper where you can really think about what the code does verses how it does it. There is also two types: commenting code and documenting usage. Commenting is easy, I do that all the time and I feel that I have fairly well-commented code. Documenting usage, interfaces, and libraries, that takes time.

And I'm guilty of not catching up.

The same with writing. I have a few rounds of critiques for various short stories that need to be merged into my stuff. I also have two out of the three beta-reader responses for Flight. These are things I just need to buckle down and do. They aren't exactly fun, going over the same territory, but I think it is time to do them. I just hope it doesn't take months.