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The weekend of discomfort

Ignoring the fact is Thursday, I had a terrible weekend. It was one of those weekends were the individual things that went wrong would have annoyed me, but when one is dropped on top of the other, it just turned into a weekend were I got... snippy (which is as upset as I normally get).

Started with general lack of sleeping. But when the dog started having... let's call it "back end problems" (BEP) it was annoying. And while Keeshonds are wonderful dogs, they also have a very fuzzy butt. And certain BEP create a mess. And, since he's upset, he has to sit everywhere. Which meant I was watching him in the back yard for ten minutes, then cleaning up the floor for twenty.

No, no, outside! Damn it, get outside!

Needless to say, I got the hose working rather quickly (after round five).

Fluffy was also working last weekend, which meant I was Sole Parent™. I'm not allowed to say "baby sat" at work because I'm EDM's father, not his babysitter. (Fun to say it though and represents the high attention required) And EDM is at that wonderful stage where our recently set up and cleaned library is just filled with books that must be pulled on the floor.

No, please don't drop the book in that... fuck.

In addition to book "decorations", EDM also had some BEP of his own. These are worse because I'm more emotionally involved with him and he is at the age where he can't be comforted by me, but I know something is wrong. One of those little things they don't tell you at parent school (which I something think should be required in high school).

Um, Fluffy? EDM just climbed the wall to his room to avoid the changing table.

But, wait! There's more. I apparently now live in a neighborhood where everyone puts out their garbage the night before, mows their grass at seven in the morning, and then rakes the remains and cleans their sidewalk. It is like a creepy robot-controlled street where everything is clean and sparkly every time I walk out the door.

I haven't had to mow my own lawn in over two years. One lawn mower had a battery charge somewhere in the depths of my unpacked basement. The other wasn't starting no matter how much I pulled the chain. So, I would hear the rumble of lawn mowers and realized I was the only one not doing his lawn.

I hate peer pressure.

That's the third leaf blower today! I think they are coming through the back door.

Somewhere in that, I tried to get one of my home servers working in the basement room. I mean, it was right next to the cable modem and maybe 10 cm from the breakers. It was perfect.

Except that it popped the GFI circuit twenty minutes after I plugged it in.

Honey, I lost my Internet connection.

And then the kicker was on Monday when I was making my lunch. Just a simple thing, cutting up the beef ribs into small chunks to make it easier to lunch.

Yeah, you probably know where this is going. But, for those who don't, I keep my knives very sharp. So sharp that it didn't hurt when I sliced a centimeter deep gash along the side of my finger.

The bad part is that I honestly tried to finish making my lunch becuase I didn't want to wake Fluffy up (she is nasty when she is woken up). But, there was just too much blood.

That's when I found out that we never unpacked the bandages and we had no first aid kit.

I'm sorry, but I really need you up. I'm bleeding a lot. Please don't kick me.

Individually, these are minor things. Over the week, most of them got resolved. The wound on my finger is healing firstly nicely (though purple). I found the charger, repaired my desk, and got the gas mower working. And then actually mowed the lawn but didn't pressure wash my drive. I installed a 20A GFI circuit. And the various BEP are slowly getting resolved.

It was just... uncomfortable going through it. But, except for getting a bit snippy on Sunday, I think I was pretty cheerful through the entire process.