Author Intrusion 0.2.0 "Jennifer Roberson"

Well, another month has passed and I've spent a large hunk of it working on a novella. I didn't finish the novel, mainly because I took a week off to figure out a problem with Unicode and navigation. And then I got distracted working on packaging Sand and Blood up for publication.

There were some unexpected nice aspects of using the editor. I originally put in an indicator bar on the right side, but it wasn't working entirely. The only thing that did show up was the chapter breaks. Now, as I'm working on the novella, the blue tick marks for the chapters gives a cool DNA-like marking that shows me relative length of chapters as I write.

There are some awkward usage while working with it. The context menu (Control-Enter) doesn't feel right and it isn't as smooth as it could be. Deleting lines is also very slow, but I think I know the problem there. Finally, selecting text and typing doesn't replace the text. I didn't think it would have been a big issue, but I found that I do it a lot more than I realize I thought I would have.

This next month is also going to be a maintenance month. I'm hoping to work on the usability of the program and maybe the performance issues with the deleting lines.

I'm worried a bit about the toolkit I'm using. I love working with Gtk#, but there seems to be some issues for docking windows (GDL) not being ported but also the fact it hasn't been touched for a while. I'm hoping that the Gtk# 3 is eventually ported. I'm also hoping that Qyote (Qt# effectively) will be maintained also, but I'm not quite up to the point of jumping on to either of the projects to help them. I might, but I can limp along for a few more months before I have to make that choice.


  • Modified the spelling framework plugins to return an enum-based result of correct, incorrect, or indeterminate. This will allow plugins (NHunspell) to disable themselves if they cannot be loaded. +Changed
  • Expanded the logic for the Hunspell plugin to allow for loading through different mechanisms on Linux and Windows. +Changed


  • Updated to MfGames.GtkExt.TextEditor 0.2.0