Author Intrusion 0.4.0 "Frederik Pohl"

author-intrusion-0.4.0It's now time for the fourth release of Author Intrusion. This is my attempt to have a monthly release of the text editor and, as the previous release, it isn't exactly stable enough to write without a lot of patience.

It is fairly capable though, but mostly as a pure text editor with spell-checking. I've written a novella and seven short stories since I started developing the project. For a sake of curiosity, I used the associated Linux tools to convert my weekly serial (624k words) into the program and navigate around. It's slow to start, but once loaded, it ran rather zippy and I could write almost at my full typing speed in the middle.

The bulk of the changes are related to technical debt, cleaning up code to make it easier to develop in the long run. Mostly, these changes were to fix things like "select all", or selecting text and then typing.

As you can tell from the screenshot, I shifted a few things around. These are completely arbitrary changes until I can figure out docking panes. The project pane on the right is not functional at this point, but I needed it on screen to verify that I had a bug; this will also lead into the changes I'm planning on for October.

Author Intrusion

  • Updated changes to use MfGames.Commands.TextEditing structures. +Changed
    • Changed integer indexes to LinePosition and CharacterPosition.

MfGames GtkExt Text Editor CIL

  • Removed legency references to BufferPosition and the integer-based system for MfGames.Commands.TextEditing LinePosition and CharacterPosition. +Changed
  • Various corrections to get Select All, copying, and pasting working properly. +Changed
  • Corrections to get the abstract text commands working with end of buffers and lines. +Changed
  • Added extension methods to wrap the GetCharacterIndex and GetLineIndex in LineBuffer-specific calls. +Changed

MfGames Commands CIL

  • Bumped version to MfGames.Commands 0.2.0
  • Added the concept of "first" and "last" for text ranges to ensure ordered usage. +New
  • Added more logic to the generic text commands to bring it more in line with Microsoft Word. +Changed
  • Removed the white space while joining next and previous paragraphs. +Changed
  • Renamed properties to give them consistent names across positions and lines. +Changed
  • Renamed NormalizeIndex into GetLineIndex and GetCharacterIndex to allow them to be merged at the position and line ranges. +Changed


  • MfGames.Commands 0.2.0
  • MfGames.GtkExt.TextEditor 0.4.0