I hate being broken

Today, I slipped down the stairs. It was for a stupid reason, mainly moving too fast, but my ankle gave out and that slip almost became a fell. Fortunately, I was already holding the handrail which means I got a couple inch blister and a burn along my palm, but no serious damage.

It is frustrating that I'm still recovering. Even though the cast came off two weeks ago, but I'm still recovering. If I sit cross-legged or even half-lotus for more than a few seconds, it hurts. After a few minutes, it stops hurting which means it's going to be worse when I stand up. After that point, it takes me a few minutes before I can put my weight on it again.

I'm also used to walking fast. It's something I enjoy doing and I miss my lunch walks (when I managed to get them done). Now, I'm reduced to walking about a quarter of my normal speed and it takes forever to get to the kitchen or the bathroom.

Because of my health incentive, I did pick up a Fitbit. On crutches, I was averaging two hundred steps a day, now I'm almost up to four thousand (out of a goal of ten thousand).

I know it will get better, and it is better, but hard to be encouraged when I'm still struggling to walk down the stairs without hurting myself.