Writing Workshop at ICON

I will be running a writing workshop at ICON 44. While there is already Paradise ICON, this is intended to be a detailed review of four pieces over two hours. I'm modeling this after Mickey's workshops from previous years.

This will be for four writers with two alternates. All six will get written feedback. If any of the first four don't show up, the alternates will take their place during the workshop discussion.

Before the convention, all six participants will submit the first 10k words of their novel (or to the end of the chapter if it goes a little past 10k words) to Dylan who will share it with the other five. Then, everyone will go through each of the other pieces and write up issues, positive and negative observations, and other feedback.

During the convention, we'll spend a half hour discussing each of the four pieces. All of the six who shows up will get the written feedback (or after the convention if they don't show up).

Tentatively, this is scheduled for 8 PM to 10 PM on Saturday, November 2, 2019. Since it takes a while to read and critique pieces, submissions are required by October 2, 2019 October 15, 2019. If you have questions, please send an email to contact@moonfire.us with a subject of “ICON 44 Writing Workshop”.