commitlint-gitlab-ci v0.0.4

I have a slowly evolving set of practices when it comes to writing processes. One of the first ones is setting up a Git repository. This always starts with configuring husky, semantic-release, conventional-commits, and commitlint. (I'm working on updating my Yeoman generator to make this a lot easier, but that will be later this week.)

Sadly, my Git host of choice, Gitlab, has a little problem with commitlint. It blows up on the first few commits which lead to me reporting this issue.

Since I'm usually creating a number of new Git repositories in a month and commitlint is one of the first things I set up, I ended up writing a little NPM utility to handle the bug for me since the original package (rightfully, I feel) don't want to add Gitlab-specific code:

npx commitlint-gitlab-ci -x @commitlint/config-conventional

It seems to work fairly well for me, I've been messing with it for a little while and haven't had too many complaints.