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MfGames.Balance - Initial Editor

Worked on a little application last night (and the night before), so I could help organize the Balance development effort. The main reason I'm doing an application is that with the number of metrics, skills, and characters, it really is a good idea to have a structured input instead of worrying about format changes or a missing bold on a line. Sometimes, I suspect the amount of effort White Wolf and Wizards of the Coast do to make sure their charms and spells are in the correct format. Unlike them, I'm a single person so I don't have the quality assurance they have.

So, I'm writing a program to do it. I already did it once, using Eclectic, but I was too ambitious about that program and it was getting unyieldly. So, this time I'm going to write a very specialized application that does one thing, supports my Balance development. I'm modelling it after Monodoc, which is a cool program, since it doesn't have to be as fancy. It uses Gtk.HTML to render the display with edit buttons to switch to the editors. Since I'm not using the database back-end of Eclectic, it is also much faster and easier to work with.

Screenshot of Initial Screen

I'm doing the MVC approach, which will make it easy to reimplement the code that scans OpenDocument files (ODT in specific) and inserts the command. I still think that is the neatest library I've written at this point. It also is the part that makes it easier to say "insert Strength here" and have it automatically and consistently formatted.

Hopefully, this will be the last time I decided to rewrite this functionality.