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I despise banks

I tried to get a savings account today at my bank, LaSalle. This annoyed me. I tried previously, but they said to avoid a minimum balance fee (I know how I bank), I had to have $2,000 deposit. Okay, so I got the $2,000 deposit and they forgot to mention, I also had to have $25,000 in the bank on accounts, but not the accounts I had. So, the $150,000+ for the mortgage didn't count. No, I had to have $25,000 in the bank to avoid a fee on my account. Otherwise, I have to have $250 in that account at all times or they charge me fees.

And, I cashed my paycheck (only nine behind now) at Chase (formerly Bank One) and the rather rude lady there basically me to just give up being picky about my bank. I was complaining that Chase/Bank One only accept deposits at their ATM's and nowhere else. "All banks are going toward this." Yeah, except LaSalle which doesn't charge minimum fees for mortgage owners (except on savings accounts, of course).

I need a good quality bank that doesn't screw me over because I pump $100,000 a year through the bank, but have to drain my account, works through ATM's, and doesn't nickle and dime me for accidently going negative for a day (my credit union had a $25 fee and no overdraft).