More Wordplay

Worked on Wordplay a little a couple days ago. Added the rest of the tiles and preferences. At this point, high scores are the main bit and I want to make another theme.

ss-012.png ss-022.png

I added a couple new tokens: copper (x2 letter score), silver (x3 letter score), gold (x4 letter score), poison (no score for letter), contagious (no score for entire word), and flooded. Flooded is fun. If you have an empty space near a flooded token, it floods it with a empty token you can't select. The only way to get rid of it is to get rid of the letter'd flooded tokens and the rest go away.

ss-032.png ss-042.png ss-052.png

Hoepfully the next theme will be a little more clear on what the various types are.