Complete Clothier Status

Spent a fun week working on the pattern stuff for the Complete Clothier. At the moment, a pattern draft is possible and you can save/load the data without a problem. This doesn't show much at the moment, mainly because I don't exactly have a complete measurement list in the system, nor anything that Tessa has worked on.

cc-001.jpg cc-003.jpg cc-004.jpg

This is the basic screen. Yeah, it has only one line and three points, but for the basics, that is the only thing needed. When you think about it, a pattern is just a bunch of lines. Of course, the complexity comes in when you actually do fancy things, like have the points based on measurements.


These screens show how you can edit points and lines. At the moment, the interface is very simple and hard to break.


This final screenshot is basically the revamp of the pattern library (used to be list). You can rename patterns and move them arround, plus it reads it from a local source, allowing us to have "pattern packs" or groups of patterns you can purchase then install.

Also spent part of the week working on getting VMWare installed so I can get this working on Windows properly. That will make it easier for someone else to see it, but also point out the details needed for the Mac migration. There is a chance I'll end up switching this entire thing to System.Windows.Forms, but I'm keeping it Gtk# for now.