xorg.conf, ATI drivers, Radeon M9

Spent most of the day dealing with an annoying problem of dist-upgrade when half of xorg was in sid but the other half wasn't. Of course, like the mono project, xorg split into a bunch of packages with naturally broke everything. And, I use(d) fglrx as my driver, so that broke. Naturally.

So, I took the chance and moved over to the ATI radeon driver instead of the fglrx. I don't use a lot of 3D at the moment, so it probably won't affect me, but I did spend the entire day trying to get it working.

Gave up trying to use "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" and just went with hand-editing the file. Still haven't gotten DRI working properly, haven't figure out how. I also have trouble with the laptop verses attached monitor setup that I use at home and at work. Right now, I just disable the laptop screen until I can figure out why it turns so stupid at 1280x1024. The laptop is fine, but the attached monitor is always about 90% of the laptop, despite the fact I want them all at the same setting (or the laptop smaller).

I got just about everything else working, so its at least usuable.