Rejection #1

As much as I want to say I got my novel published, I didn't. In fact, I got this rejection letter a couple hours before I dislocated my shoulder while bike ride. It doesn't bother me, though. Getting rejected is just part of life, and I'm sure I'll get "dumped" at least a couple more times until I find a home for this novel.

Thank you for submitting your manuscript Wind, Bear, and Moon for
consideration in the Five Star SF/Fantasy line. While we enjoyed what we
had read, unfortunately, ours is a very narrow market, and I'm afraid that
your novel just doesn't quite suit our needs at this time. Thanks again for
the opportunity to review it, and good luck with your writing.

The nice part about it is that it fits with all of my other rejection notices. "Thank you, very enjoyable, but no." Makes me wonder if I'm really not that good of a writer and they always send this type of rejection, or if I'm honestly a good writer and they mean it. Well, I'll never know. I'll probably look for a new publisher later this week.