Board Games

For the holidays, we had a few friends over and played games and watched movies. I wasn't able to convince Bouncy to watch Hitman, just for the Jackie Chan cross-dressing fight scene, but I just find it interesting. One of the games we did play was Adversity. This is a pretty good game to play, but it really helps if you know the people you are playing with.

Before, when we played, the Adversity games were somewhat sluggish. This time, we used the poker chips instead of the paper money. To my surprise, it actually sped up the game significantly. Chips are so much easier to count, manage, and handle than the paper money and it really made a difference. So, we decided to keep the chip for all of our games.

The reason I had them in the first place is Cheap Ass Games. They have very enjoyable little games, but they don't give you tokens, counters, or anything else. Instead, they recommend you get one good set of what you need and then use it for all their games. I love that idea. So, I have a fishing tackle box filled with little glass tokens you can buy really cheap from the craft store, dice, a full set of tokens. And, last year at GenCon, I picked up a set of good quality poker-chips. And it was worth it.

So, for games that use money, such as Monopoly or Adversity, or the endless other games, I recommend you get one of those $30 sets of poker chips and use those instead. They also have a nice heft so you can toss them across the table easier.