Actions in Balance

Managed to get actions into the generation of the game system. Now, you can use the "New Action" menu item, create, and edit actions. You can also use the ODF parser to just put in: "Action: Melee Attack" and it will include the action block in standarized form right in the OpenOffice document.

I also had to spend a bit of time with MfGames.OpenDocument to get the parsing and processing of lists working properly. I think I need to convert the entire library over to C# 2.0 for a decent set of generics. Then, I have to decide how much I prefer C5 over System.Collections.Generics. I don't think OpenDocument needs set mechanics, so it might be okay just to use the internal, but C5 is so much nicer than SCG.

I also found a minor little bug with automatic styles when combining them together. Because the automatic styles are generated, the use the same name but may have different purposes. So, when I combined a document with a list style "L1" with a document that doesn't have one, the list stuff is lost because I don't merge stylesheets properly. I'll have to fix this for the MfGames.OpenDocument library, it is really nice having the ability to combine (via sections) one or more files automatically and without starting up OpenOffice.