Love and Games

I was wandering around the Internet and I found a blog that was talking about a contest over at GameDev. The Four Elements IV contest has a premise of taking four elements (emotions, Europe, emblems, and economics) and create a game by November 2006. Well, at the same time I was working on Itrifore which has the main city, Tier City, covering Europe and the various Lords all have symbols (emblems) on every single vassal and property they owned. So, it sounded perfectly. I guess I'll be playing around the next couple of weeks to see if I can do actually submit to the contest and what I have to juggle to actually write it.

It would be really cool if I could write a more complicated game. And in C#. I already have a small slew of ideas, just refining them to see which ones I can do.

I also rewrote the first part of Love Conquerors All and tried to polish up the introduction. Fightertype is reading the first bit today and hopefully it will fit with her world view.