Mapping Layers and Dropped Projects

I spent yesterday working on layers for my mapping program. I decided to arrange it so every layer has the display and color rules, and you add the layers individually. I'm sure something won't work out, but it seems to match a CSS approach (each layer is a class, well sets of classes). If I was feeling fancy, I'd do something with stylesheets, ala Microsoft Word or But, for the time being, I'm just going to stick with styles.

I'm also going to be dropping the flash card program. There are enough of them out there and I found three that did what I needed them to. Why reinvent the wheel? Not to mention, I really want to spend my energy on other projects that obviously need more of an itch resolved.

And, I can maybe work on the hiragana and katakana stuff again. I found an set of applets that helps with those training.