Turf Wars Review

Being the end of the month, and a few days before GenCon and my birthday, I sat down and trying to see where Turf Wars was going. I got enough of the game to actually see it and, while I was pretty happy with the view, I think I would have trouble making the game "fun" as opposed to just a challenge.

So, giving that view of things, I think I have an idea of how to change the game around so it can be "fun" or at least closer to games that I've enjoyed in the past. The micromanaging of the vassals needs to go, that was getting too difficult. The orders will probably stay, but change in their format.

I think I'm going to start with the building arrangement. In the current version, all buildings were 30 meters by 40 meters, but I think I want to have more irregular-shaped buildings, along with the ability to lay them out. Maybe have what you can build based on the businesses in the area (you need a road construction company to make changes to the roads, an aborist (can't spell) to remove or plant or purchase plants, etc).

I also browsed through the various game engines, it appears to be either Ogre3D with OgreDotNet or Irrlicht.NET. I'm going to start with Irrlicht.NET and see if I can managed to get most of the game out.