LoaderLock when using Managed DirectX and Irrlicht#

Still browsing to see what is the "best" engine I can use for Turf Wars. At this point, Irrlicht.NET is really winning out, as long as I can figure it out. From what I can tell in the last day or so of browsing, I'm going to have to create the area/zone in memory, building it up so it looks like the old Sim City 2000 game. That way, when the Lord of Earth gets involved, you can shape the world.

I played around with Irrlicht# which actually follows the CLS, but... isn't quite there yet. Sadly, the engine won't handle what I want it to without me spending a fair amount of time playing with the engine itself. Maybe if I finish the game early, I'll port it from Irrlicht.NET (Windows-only) to Irrlicht# (hopefully Linux-friendly too).

However, in the process, I got this annoying LoaderLock issue when trying to run the Irrlicht# example. Someone pointed out a link:

That resolved my problem, but I just don't think it is there yet. So, Irrlicht.NET seems the best method to start with, assuming I can actually get it to build the work in memory. Failing that, I'm going to have to drop down to Tao.OpenGL and puzzle it out at that level (and create the loaders, and create the everything else). Or, I could actually try to get OgreDotNet working properly and see if that can resolve my problems instead.

On the other hand, I think I'm moving forward with trying to get something worthy of a screenshot in the game. Last night, I threw together a mesh which I could rotate around. I just want something more... related as a screenshot.