Tuxedos and Ceremonies

My brother is getting married in October and I am not looking forward to it. On Friday, I got fitted for my tuxedo and got to see what I'm going to be wearing. The feeling of dislike was rising with every moment.

It started with the suit. Sadly, I'm a larger than average man and have a bit more gut than I want to. So, the suit that I ended up going with is off on the shoulders by a couple of inches. I'm so used to custom suits and tuxedos, before this point, I had every one fitted for me; having a suit off the shell for the first time in fifteen years really points out how much quality changes.

The second bit was the shoes. I really am close to that point where my shoes need to be different sides. My left is 10EE, my right is 11EE. Just like most of the country, I'm not perfectly even on both sides. So, I asked if I could have two different sizes, because it was for two whole days (pick up on the 12th, must return on the 14th).

"Oh, we can't do that."

Why not? Why can't a place that produces tuxedos and has every single size (but not wides, just slightly wides) not let someone have two different shoes for the two days required? Fluffy told me to let it go, so I ended up having to go with 12's. My toes almost made the laces, but at least I can get my feet into it. Those are getting thrown off the second I don't need to wear them.

I also got to see the tuxedo. Standard shape and cut, nothing remarkable, but... well, mango orange is a pretty color. Thankfully, it is just the vest and tie, but I look horrible in orange, my brother looks horrible in orange, and frankly, I think there is only one person on the wedding party, on the male side, that might look good. But, it matches the wedding dresses.


This morning, I got a chance to talk to my brother. He basically said "suck it up" and told me about all the wonderful plans for the wedding. There is the rehersal dinner, naturally everyone has to practice for just standing there. No, I'm not interested but it is mandated that I go.

On the day of the wedding, we are doing the ceremony, then the wedding party is going to go upstairs and do pictures. Lots of pictures, about thirty minutes worth of them minimum. Then, they are going around town to get more pictures of the wedding party! He thinks that it should take less than two hours of getting all the pictures before heading to the reception.

One thing I really hate is waiting for the wedding party to get moving and do something. In this case, I'm going to driven around town (I can walk if I want), to get lots of pictures, because they went a couple thousand pictures (it seems).

As for sitting with my wife: no. Absolutely not. Not a chance, not even the possibility. I must sit up with the wedding party and I cannot have her sit with me.

It's tradition.

Its times like this that I'm really, really glad that my wedding was a quiet affair, with eleven people including the minister, in our house and then to dinner. There were pictures, but it was... more personal. People were talking and having fun, not a horde of hundreds of people and peacocks running around. I had a nice outfit not, not some cookie cutter tux and shoes that don't fit.

Even after six years of being married, I'm still happy with my wedding day. It was bittersweet (we had to put a cat to sleep an hour before) but still probably the most wonderful day of my life. I'm also glad that my brother found someone who made him happy and that he is looking forward to this day. Of course, he doesn't seem to like all the work that is going into it, but I think he is hoping that it also becomes the happiest day in his life. And, I hope it is. I just don't want to wear the suit, shoes, vest, or spend hours with pictures being taken.