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(2016-05-13) Sixteenth Anniversary

(2015-11-15) MfGames Culture work, Reviews, and other plans

(2015-06-01) Family Trip and WisCon 39

(2015-02-25) What Is Going On Now?

(2014-10-14) Scheduling Delays

(2014-05-18) Red Lobster, just like every year

(2014-05-13) Fourteen years down, thirty-six to go

(2014-04-24) Shifting changes

(2014-01-04) In fear of jinxing things, but it's a boy

(2013-12-22) Well, that wasn't on the plan

(2013-05-28) Last night

(2013-05-14) Thirteen years

(2013-05-04) Getting dumped

(2013-02-13) Being supportative

(2013-02-02) Slight belated goals

(2012-12-25) Just one of those weekends

(2012-12-03) A disconnected weekend

(2012-10-11) A busy little weekend

(2012-09-13) Obligations

(2012-07-14) I'm in deep cold water

(2012-06-10) An impersonal rejection

(2012-06-05) The hard way to do things

(2012-05-31) Just about the end of my vacation

(2012-04-17) A parental visit

(2012-03-03) Today was the perfect day to move

(2012-03-01) And a major milestone is finally passed

(2012-02-21) And things move on…

(2012-02-01) House purchase: 21.2% completed

(2012-01-23) Juggling and waiting game

(2012-01-18) Still not programming

(2011-12-15) And I went on vacation