Up a Level
Finished Fable last night

Actually, I crushed the final part of the game. Because of my gaming style (power level at the beginning to cruise later) worked out really well in the game since I managed to max myself out fairly early, found a neat trick to get through the stages. So, in the end, I pretty much defeated the boss in a nearly perfect victory. And that is with bypassing almost every major fight in the last two hours by using the force shield and running like a bunny.

There were some really nice things I liked about the game. The character's appearance updating was very nice, even as just a logical expansion on showing equipment on a person. The levels were lovely and the mix of style was nice. The stages where you had to sneak around the bad poetry guard was cute. :) I wasn't impressed with the demon doors in general, they were more in the way than anything else and by the time I got to them, I already had much better equipment (excluding the cutlas).

I mentioned a few other good things before, so I won't go too much into that.

Some other things jumped up as being 'bad' ideas in a game. The first is the whole World Save verses Hero Save. When you are in a mission, you can't save the position, just the stats and your inventory. When you leave the mission (by any means), you keeps your skills, inventory, and everything, but you start the mission over and any equipment that you picked up goes back. This leads to a case where I ended up cheating because I could start the mission and get a really nice item in about 10-15 seconds. Then, restarting, you can do the same. Yeah, they had something to prevent that (probably a cheat counter from appearances), but still, just give them the ability to save and let them keep on going.

That save thing got really annoying in one mission that took about 1.5 hours to finish. I wanted to have dinner, but I couldn't turn off my computer or stop for the night because I would have to start all over again.

The only other thing I didn't care for is the controls. LMB to attck, RMB to run or power attack, but S-LMB to cast spells. It got really hard to coordinats all the keyboard stuff with the mouse and I screwed up more than occasionally. Being able to remap everything would have been really nice and being able to map it to a joystick (I have a XBox 360 controller for my machine) would have been perfect.