Learning how to write

It may sound strange, but every time I stop writing for any length of time, it feels like I have to relearn how to write when I get started. This is really obvious when I'm writting Muddy Reflections. The story is slowly moving forward. As a rough progress indicator, I'm using word count of 100k words. As of yesterday, it was at 71k words. Now, I know that pure words isn't a measure of a story, but it is one of the goals I'm aiming for.

In more generic terms, I'm working on story arc 2 of 3. It is remarkably hard to ties these stories together, but it is slowly getting there. I felt the first couple chapters are flat so I kept on rewriting them until I felt better about it. This is really going to be one of those stories that I need to get an editor, mainly to catch the little things that I know I miss.

But, at least I'm getting more excited about this. Or, at least more into it.