Working on Muddy Reflections

I spent most of the weekend being sick. However, I also spent some of Thursday and Friday working on Muddy Reflections. It was hard at first, I'm not used to writing in the character of Mudd. I mean, he is strict, passionate but not really expressive, and he is detail-oriented. With this write, some of his other personality traits are coming to fore. He doesn't really like dealing with politics, but he also associates better with the other mages. I think that kind of builds up why other guards don't like him and why they don't always call the foresics mage to the scene, which give it an interesting contrast. It will also make the stuff with Constable Silsdoth more interesting, because he doesn't associate with other guards.

It's interesting writing this story, not only because it is dredging up memories, but also because it is so different from my normal writings that it really makes me think. Though, people grin and sigh too much. :)

On the other hand, I have come to the pure and simple conclusion that writing magazines (which I have bought a total of four now) are like beauty magazines. They really give you the impression that if you try, you might be able to get published. But, there is this sense of desperation in those words, something I don't really like. It almost gives me the idea that "you aren't good enough and look at everyone else who is."

On the other hand, the chapters are beginning to flow again, which makes me happy.