Shared Worlds and Maps

While working on Muddy Reflections this weekend, I realized a couple of things. First is that I really, really should have made a map of the city. I get getting confused on relations of everything. Well, that part is easily fixed. I'll just steal a couple cities, put them together and go back and fix everything.

The other was a bit more complicated. The world I wrote in, both for Muddy Reflections and Wind, Bear, and Moon, is based on world that I helped create with someone else. I decided that I really need to separate the two. It isn't really a big deal, I'm fairly good at world creation, but it means I'll be set back a day or two as I just iron out the differences.

Sharing worlds is fun, you have more than one person creating in the same world, which makes it a much richer experience. However, the line of our writings and stuff is going in two different dirctions and... well, easier to say it is time for this.

On the other hand, it will help fix some of the problems I'm having with Muddy Reflections.