Dante, Dentists, and Descriptions

Today is much better than yesterday. Dante is doing better, but he still is moving rather slowly and lethargically. Fluffy is still having some trouble, we canceled movie night so I could make sure I was home in case she needed me.

Her day got much worse when she found out she had an abscesses in her mouth and will need a root canal. But, the earliest the doctor can do anything is somewhere in January. So, one month of watching our dog dying and having almost constant pain in her mouth.

Its going to be a good month.

On the work side of things, we are in "crunch time" with the Complete Clothier project. It is due on Friday so we are frantically trying to get everything polished and pretty before it goes out. I'm almost looking forward to it, except for the 80+ hours I'm probably going to be doing this week.

One thing I forgot to mention is that I finally finished the second arc of Muddy Reflections. I wasn't really up to writing in the last couple of days (imagine that) but today, I'm planning on writing and getting into the third arc, which I'm praying will go much more smoothly.