Working on Exalted Things, Not Working on Triumph

Since I have a week to kill, I figured I'd just sit down and do fun things for a bit. While I know that some people think it is strange, I want to review the Mandate of Heaven and see if I can come up with a version that I think fits more with the rules than what was given in the back of the Exalted Storytellers Companion. I got a decent start with it, it can actually handle what my gaming group wanted to do with it the first time we played the MoH rules.

Depending on how things go, I got it down to four basic chapters: Mandate of Heaven rewrite, a Civ-like expansion because I like pretty hex maps, Geomancy for handling my rules on Wyld with Shadowlands, and then a link between the MoH rules with the Mass Combat, including how to add armies to Dominions. I am planning on getting this peer reviewed, defn by zenbodhi and uteck, but probably by two of the Exalted forums. Have to get it through the first two, they suffer through my game rules creation and uteck is the one who whacks me for trying to do too much.

I'm also going to try cleaning up my map of Creation a bit more in the next few days, mainly because I think that is a "finishable" thing in a short period of time and I think it looks pretty nice. Plus, it would be more impressive with the mountain ranges put in.

On the other hand, I was going to work on Triumph but I got so far, then just stopped. It wasn't that it won't work, I think it will. I found a decent system (1 experience point per step, each step is a bonus die or some new ability) but I can't spread out my creative writing game rules energies in too many direction and I think that the Exalted has the most need at this point in time.