Good Tidings

Today is going to be a good day. If all goes well, I'm going to get Muddy Reflections back from Bouncy's mother, who is an English teacher. From what Bouncy has passed on, she is enjoying my story and actually thinks that I have some talent at writing, along with a couple rough edges that can easily be fixed. That made me feel pretty good.

Plus, I'm running Exalted today. Day two of the dungeon crawl, filled with artifacts, golems, and a raging river of death. I haven't done much with the Scroll of the Lands in last couple of days. Thursday was spent cleaning up for the new furniture and hoping Ack! would show up (he didn't). Friday... trying to remember what I did last night. Oh yeah, putzed. No energy to write or anything. I went to the dentist yesterday and I got the fairly typical "beautiful teeth" comment, I have good chemistry in my mouth. :) After that it was just creating SVG maps of the dungeon, doing some minor writeups, and basically just doing nothing really productive until I headed to bed at 21:30.

And I got paid yesterday (only seven behind again!) so that means more money in my entertainment budget.

I think today is going to be a very good day indeed.