Scroll of Lands Ideas, Sepia Game

Last night went very well, I think. Dungeon crawls in Exalted are pretty fun, plus I think I was building up the various plot threads nicely. I like it when more questions open up at the end of a game, instead of just having everything neatly tied together. Plus, there is a very interesting set of ideas in the tomb of a Second Age (the equiv of First Age in canon) Dragon-Blooded.

I can't wait to show off the SVG maps, its one of those things I want to get better at. And creating maps is one of those really neat things that really makes me smile. Nothing like a good map to really point out the details.

Last night, though, I figured I needed to make a major change with the Scroll of the Lands stuff. To properly merge everything together, I need to use the same Magnitude of the Mass Combat and Social rules instead of the Dominion Magnitude. That way, to convince a Dominion to do something, you use *gasp* just the Social Rules. Of course, the willpower needs to come from something, but that is what administrators are force (and maybe the Dominion can resist with limit if there is no administrator).

Of course, the Social rules have that "xor" conditions which make life harder. Just the nature of a system that doesn't have mental or social damage, but I'm not sure how to handle a Dominion responding to unnatural influences. Then again, administrators may effectively do that. Something to consider.