Map of Creation Work

Last night, I worked on the Map of Creation. I finished putting in the celestial gates and the shadowlands, set up a couple more categories (Geomancy and Constructions) for grouping, and started the long and tedious process of entering all the cities. Eventually, I'm going to use different colors for manses and demenses, but at the moment, everything is marked in red. Once I figure out what is a city and what isn't a city, I want to start using different keys for small, medium, and large cities just like other maps.

I think I have a reasonable chance of finishing the map this weekend, depending on other factors of course. Well, finishing at least the stephenls stuff, once I do that, I'm going to go through the books and see if there are any other cities and items in those maps that I missed. After that, I'm going to have to figure out how to expand on areas for the tiny little details.

And, of course, I'm submitting Muddy Reflections on Sunday. *bounces excitedly*