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Island of Letters

Last night, I was telling someone about my goals this year. In specific, I want to learn Japanese and I want to write a computer game, so I figured I'd do both and try to make a RPG with a different feel that Slime Forest has. While the person I was talking to thought it was a good idea, someone else piped up and basically said they had no respect for anyone who struggled to learn a language and creating a game is just going to produce people incapable of actually understanding a language. It kind of depressed me, but I'm still going to do it. I've tried for years to learn languages, including Japanese and Lojban, but never succeeded. The idea of writing a game to help with the parts I keep failing just seems like a good idea.

Most likely, I'm going to focus on it in the latter half of the year, mainly because I need to learn 3D modeling and drawing enough to create the game assets. Of course, that doesn't mean I'll end up working on it all the time since I'm really, really bad at focusing on single projects.

The working title is "Island of Letters" since the first island is going to basically teach the hiragana and katakana.