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GNOME Idiocy

Okay, I have to rant about this one. This came on a Tomboy mailing list and it points out something I find frustrating.

I wanted to set the number of recent notes that can be directly accessed
from the Tomboy menu on the panel. He said that I have to set this
option through /apps/tomboy/menu_note_count in GConf and you felt that
it's an advanced option and that's because it can only be set through

I do understand the philisophy of this approach that GNOME advocates
that users shouldn't be exposed to too many options because it's
confusing and I do agree, but Tomboy has hardly many options at this
time and it's quite a relevant one.

I love GNOME, I like how Gnome looks and how the applications feel. But there is this distinct feeling that every new release of Gnome removes more and more features. Part of it is because it is moving toward a Mac approach, where everything works well together because they hide all the features, but I really, really hate it.