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Burn Out, Complete Clothier, and Being Sick

I canceled gaming this weekend because I've been burning out my creativity trying to get this project done for Complete Clothier. By Thursday, I was having trouble finding the energy to get into my car to head home, much less plan for an adventure, potential mass combat scenario, and seven players going in nine directions. Normally, this would excite me to no end which is why I love running games. One of the indications is my inability to focus on two things at once. Normally, I'm working on a story, game, or some other idea in the back of my head almost constantly. Sometimes, a few more. I don't watch TV, I watch TV while writing up ideas. But, the more burned out I am, the more I have to drop the "other" projects and just focus on a single thing. This last week has been like that. Its a bit better now, but this week is going to be hell for getting everything done by the 23rd. That is the so-called "code freeze" date. We already passed the "feature freeze," but I suspect my boss won't listen to that. :)

So, unable to run, I spent most of the weekend doing three things. Fluffy was out of town, so I just went home, locked the door, and stopped moving. On Friday, I finished up a short story and an essay. They were already planned out, so it wasn't as much of a pain to write it. Then, I slept until I woke up because I wanted to. Well, that was the plan. In reality, I got so sick that I lost five to seven pounds in twelve hours, pretty much all from water loss.

Bouncy and uteck took me out to lunch, about twenty minutes after I finished breakfast, and that was really nice. I like having friends who do that. Bouncy also wanted to make sure I wasn't being brain dead on the computer, which was sweet. Then, I finished Oblivion. I will admit, I was done with it and kind of bypassed a few things, but I really enjoyed the game. I'll do a separate post of my opinions of the game.

I also finished The Man Who Never Missed, by Steve Perry, and LifeProbe by Michael McCollum. I also read a book about popular science, but I forgot the name. That book had chapters on Spontaneous Human Combustion, giants, women giving birth to rabbits, ape women, and other things of the like. Almost everything was about how it was faked or just accepted without proving it, not unlike my memories of a teacher explaining that Galileo and his troubles with the Church, just because he wrote about his observations.

I'm also messing with Live+Press to get it working with WordPress 2.1 again. Of course, I did it by ignoring errors and basically removing the excerpt-only code which I never use.