Interesting Weekend

I did a fair amount this weekend, given the fact that I wasn't feeling on the top of the world. I sent out a query letter for Muddy Reflections. I'm not comfortable with sending out batches yet, so I'll probably just send out one at a time, or overlap them by a few weeks. This one was to Writers House. I was glad I could say I was on White Wolf's quarterly too. I also did a synopsis and a chapter outline. I also finished a story for the Machine of Death anthology and submitted it.

At the dawn of the Industrial Age, the world of Fedora lies at the brink between two worlds. In the past, the world of individual magic, with mages rising and falling in their own power, unable to work with each other. Their resonance of conflicts with each other’s devices, creating feedback and explosions from the very items they craft. In the new age, factories and mechanical devices ensconce magic away from the ravages of resonance, bringing industry to the common man.

With the dawn of this new age, the crimes of the old still remain. New methods are found to solve them, such as Mudd Fourier’s attempt to bring forensic investigations to the city of Sougan. His efforts are hampered by centuries of politics and a discomfort of anything new. Despite the hostility, he makes allies in his attempt to solve one murder after the other. His rapid streak of success is halted by a murder of a guard chief’s wife, a murder that quickly expands into a decade-long plot of betrayal, politics, and a secret hidden behind a mirror.

I finally posted my Online Map of Creation on along with creating and posting PDF charm cards for pretty much the entire lore5 database (also from patternspider). That took a bit but I was pretty proud of the results and it lets people create cards for their charms for almost everything 2E, though lore5 is missing what I consider is important data. They disagree, but there isn't anything wrong with that. Opinions are what makes this world go by.

I also sorted another sixty or so DVD's. Only 8 more columns to go. Overall, I thought it was a pretty good weekend for feeling under the weather. Oh, and seeing the Dukes of Hazard: The Beginning and sleeping in.

Well, I have the rest of the week off, I plan on getting things done and just relaxing for a bit.