A Week of Writing

Well, my week vacation was over. It was actually a pretty good one. Five loads of laundry, dishes, updated my resume, wrote four short stories. The stories alone were 40k words combined, which is 4/5th of a NaNoWriMo in a single week. That left me in a happy flush. Overall, I'm seriously considering not bothering with computer game projects this year and just doing writing. I seem to be happier doing it and it doesn't have the learning curve of a game.

I also got an email from a furry publisher who might be interesting in a novel. I have one already on my list of things todo, so I might consider just writing that or actually starting on "Peg and Sue Get Lost in Space" or "My Father's Bike". Both of them would take about three months to finish. I'm also toying with just sitting down and finishing Wind, Bear, and Moon with the world revamp. I decided Welf is going to be more mechanically inclined instead of just avoiding sword fighting.