Up a Level
Game Results and Burnout

This weekend was a hilarious and fun-filled weekend. The Exalted Sepia Throne game ended up being a series of limit breaks and bad ideas turning into worse ideas. Almost everyone played perfectly into their character, including the situations where they were choosing to do things that the players knew was a terrible idea. I almost killed a player, but a really bad roll resulted in only 4 successes out of 22 dice and they live. I don't like killing off players, but I wasn't really holding back. Uteck does say that I can control dice, since I consistently roll poorly when I really need to. There might be something to it, I've gotten only 17 successes on 250 dice before.

We did end up making a house rule about dash and long actions (you keep dashing the entire length, even if it is over 3 ticks, you suffer with the additional DV penalty the entire time).

The rest of the weekend has pretty much been an entire big pile of "blah." It is pretty normal with good sessions, I put so much into them that I get burned out afterwards. I couldn't even find the energy to read a book. Well, I finished a good research report on the economics and synthetic worlds, but anything beyond that was just too much. In the end, I just started watching the second season of Babylon 5 and just tried to relax.