Good Weekend

It was a good weekend, to say the least. Gaming, as normal, was a joy but I really found that I had a lot of fun. It completely deviated from anything I remotely had planned somewhere around hour four and I basically made it up for the next six hours. Didn't kill anyone, but I really did my damnest. And, it was one of those cases where the party "lost" but in a way that wasn't really that devastating. Overall, good game.

I did notice one of those little silly things. zenbodhi pushes thumbtacks all the way in, but I don't. It got me thinking, just because it is one of those silly things. Fluffy pushes things all the way in also. Have you ever thought about your thumbtack habits or the quirk of tacks? Does it change with the flat metal top verses the little plastic ones? In my case, it does.

Other than that, I just spent about ten hours playing Shining Force Neo. A lovely popcorn game filled with constant improvement, a light plot, and generally mindless violence. Fluffy and I watched five episodes of B5, which is nice since she hates it, and she is already waiting for me to get a hold of season three. I gave up trying to find my keys and started building up a new ring; already got 3 of the 5 keys replaced.

I'm planning on writing this week. Probably more on Scroll of the Land (still no more feedback), maybe a short story, and doing the next query letter. I'm also writing up a short script for a one (maybe more) shot flash-based comic on Exalted. Zenbodhi expressed an interesting Muddy Reflections, so I'll probably be sending a copy for peer review/their opinions.