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I'm running at GenCon 2007

According to the email I just go, I have gotten through most of the steps for running two events at GenCon this year.

  • RPG00138: Assault on Two Firs: The 29th Legion Wyld Hunt Against the Anathema of Two Firs
  • RPG00139: Infiltration of Two Firs and the Clockwork Tree Manse

They are both Exalted games and mark the first time I've run an event at GenCon. At this point, they are there unless they can't schedule, but somehow I suspect, there won't be a problem since they run from 21:00-01:00. I'm naturally planning on taking a nap before this, but it isn't much off from my old gaming schedule (noon to two in the morning).

A Wyld Hunt against the newly discovered Anathema of Two Firs. The 29th Legion has been mobilized into battle, crushing any that stand in its way of destroying this taint of Creation. Instead of a simple pastoral village ripe for destruction, the Legion encounters a force of ten thousand strong, with the magical might to rival the most powerful of the Realm Legions. This scenario consists of a Mass Combat assault against the Anathema’s armies.

The first event is an Exalted Mass Combat (EMC) game and will run at 21:00 on Friday night (2007-08-17). I'm planning on using miniatures. The players will be five Dragon-Blooded verses a set of Anathema, and they'll have a full legion at their disposal. I think this will be a fairly interesting game, mainly because I don't really know anyone else who does EMC. I'll probably run a few more EMC sessions with the Sepia Throne game just to finish ironing out the bugs.

The assault on Two Firs successful, the 29th Legion has routed the army of the Anathema. Broken, injured, and exhausted, the evil Anathema have fled the triumphant 29th Legion to the Clockwork Tree Manse, a fortress of traps and sorcery that scorches the sky of the glorious Realm. This scenario is related to the Assault on Two Firs, but players are welcomed to join in without participating in the assault.

This is plain old Exalted for this session (21:00 on 2007-08-18), slaughtering enemies and working together to get rid of the evil Anathema. For a four-hour session, I think it will be fairly up-front and forward. I, of course, have never done a convention game, but I think I could have a lot of fun with these and I'm willing to put what I can into it.